Vw Amarok Owners Club,Loves The New Aeroklas Trucktops

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Vw Amarok Owners Club,Loves The New Aeroklas Trucktops

Volkswagen Amarok Owners Club , Loves the All new Aeroklas Light weight ABS Trucktops.

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Re: aeroklas hard tops..

Yes I have one – but the blank sided version. Firstly, the reason I went for that one is that I can’t personally see the need for side windows in a truckbed hardtop, who is going to want to see out? And if I wanted it to look like an ‘estate’ I’d get a Shogun or similar. The other thing is I want a bit more security and to limit what people can see in there.

Anyways, back to Aeroklas in general! They are a top quality bit of kit manufactured in double skin ABS – so no need for a felt/carpet lining to keep condensation at bay, it’s a smooth wipe clean interior finish. The construction also gives a fair bit of insulation, which is important to me for the dog and other items that live, (or are dead!), in the back.

The fit is very good and the design continues the line of the passenger cab very well. The wiring is a plug and play job, (hardtop already fully wired with a connector exiting just above the front of the tub), with a two-part loom that then goes forward along the chassis and up into the engine compartment/bulkhead area. The instructions are a bit ‘IKEA’ but there is an installation video on YouTube which can help a bit. It can be a DIY job but you’ll need 2 or more helpers to lift it into position – it’s a solid built thing! Otherwise any competent auto-electrician should be able to handle the wiring for you.

The colour match is spot-on and the price is very good for what you get – I wasn’t too impressed by some of the other manufacturer’s offerings out there – the fixtures and fittings are excellent quality as well.

I’m having another one on my 2013 ‘Rok when it comes.

My thanks to forum member Steyr for recommending the Aeroklas in the first place.

Read more: http://www.vwamarokforum.net/f7/aeroklas-hard-tops-1395/#ixzz2BfnMWfKy

Re: aeroklas hard tops..

my Aeroklas arrived from at4x4.com
well packaged, and good comunication from www.4x4at.com. unpacked it and fixed it onto the truck in about 30mins.
nice video on you tube of how to do it.
Lovely quality piece of kit, all fittings are good quality, all screwed together real well, and looks to be really well made. It fits great, and lines up good with the truck cab.
of course it chucked it down no sooner had I located it on the body, (need two strong people to lift it). so I then sat inside the top with a cup of tea whilst i made some final adjustments to the position before and tightening down the clamps.
I was a bit sceptical about the double abs inner skin whilst most of the others have carpet lining to stop condensation, but the abs finish is real nice like a hammerite texture and is a grey/cream and looks first rate, more in keeping with the roof lining in the pick up cab.
I spent far to long choosing a hard top, and wanted something to complement the amarok lines not fight it, so was looking for the top with the best continuation of window lines as possible with decent rear visability. In my view it hits the spot perfect. looks lovely on, and makes the truck even more imposing. It appears very well made.
seems good value compared to some too.
ive not connected the wire loom up, but pretty much looks like a plug and play.
ive just uploaded a few some pictures here

not that great as it started to rain real hard.

Ive taken it for a test drive, no rattles, if anything a little quieter? but definately a smoother on the rough roads, for which i assume the 60-70 odd kilos it weighs in at has just settled to rear end a touch.. a nice bonus. Rear visability is really good, i was expecting nothing but actually quite impressed.

So first impressions are real good,
and special thanks for mr Orion for answering my questions, and providing some nice pictures to hep me choose the top, and for the people at www.4x4at.com for top service.


Read more: http://www.vwamarokforum.net/f7/aeroklas-hard-tops-1395/#ixzz2CJ3hfX2F