ARB Trucktops

ARB tops the one-piece, aerodynamic styling of low and high roof ARB trucktops offers a perfect fit, with each model specifically designed to suit the individual vehicle. Attached to the body using ARB's exclusive hardware base mounting system for truck tops, which adds to the body hugging fit and makes for excellent sealing to the pick up bed. This ensures the trucktop is pulled down evenly to the bed compressing the hollow neoprene seal creating a true waterproofed trucktop. Built from thermal formed, co-extruded textured ABS materials, ARB trucktops are lightweight and extremely durable. ARB canopies are completely odourless,

making them ideal sleeping quarters for dogs or when tackling the great outdoors. Standard equipment includes toughened tinted safety glass tailgate, an interior and high level brake light, twin door locks & sliding front bulkhead window for ease of cleaning and ventilation.

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