Alpha Trucktops

Alpha truck top canopies, the most sophisticated engineering employed on a truck top the world over. In-fact, the engineering is so good, one maker, namely Avenger top in Thailand has tried unsuccessfully to copy it.  Alpha tops are renowned for their  quality of manufacture and finish. They are also extremely stylish, strong, reliable and durable. A deep luster, DuPont paint finish gives an excellent finish to the Alpha hard top and is used by many vehicle manufacturers as there chosen paint supplier. As well as their attractive design, Alpha tops have many practical features. The six fixing point fitted clamping system means that the Alpha canopy can be fitted without drilling the pick up bed and allows for simple installation and removal when required.


The Alpha hard top rear door features a reinforced frame for durability, a modern ergonomically styled door handle supplied with two keys and a patented stainless steel wing lock system with twin securing points to ensure your goods remain safe.


No other hard top canopy offers these unique, patented features. Powerful twin gas struts ensure a smooth operation of the lockable rear door and the closing has a quality sound and feel associated with expensive cars. This is in contrast to other canopy makers which doors, windows and hardware often rattle and feel insecure and cheap.


Widely regarded as the premium choice for hard top customers:  Alpha’s looks, design and quality set it apart from cheaper copies. Alpha offer several different canopies these include:


-          GSE model : This model features pop-out style dark tinted side window glass

-          GTEM1 model : This model features sliding dark tinted side window glass

-          Gullwing model : This commercial/utility canopy features lift-up side access